A 3 Corporation was incorporated in the year 2003 for manufacturing of hi- tech advanced components made of composite material for variours specialized Industries , and thus becoming a source for import substitute material and components .

The company’s core competence lies in developing of it’s own technology and machinery required for manufacturing its products.

We manufacture our products through various manufacturing technologies like :

  • Filament winding
  • Vaccum assited resin transfer moulding
  • And the very basic hand layup process.

The company has adequate experience in handling various re-inforcements like Glass , Carbon, Basalt, Aramid in combination with Thermoset and Thermoplastic resin systems.

Having utmost priority for High quality standards, we source our raw material from Re-nouned Brands , to name a few like Owens corning, Du-pont, Hindustan Speciaity Chemicals, Atul Ltd, Degussa, Lobacheme etc.

We even have a small test lab set up for testing of basic characteristic of our products , like determining Glass percentage, specific gravity, water absorption, di-electric strength etc.

We manufacture products as :

  • Electrical Insulators:
  • Thermal Insulators
  • Bullet proof plates & vest
  • Composite Sport item

Our Mission


To develop more environment friendly, cost effective and enduring technologies and methods of manufacturing composite components for ever growing and challenging demands of future.

Our Vision


To create a selective consumer base with transparent and healthy competitive options, with an edge in quality and cost effective technology.